Monday, January 7, 2013

Ran Online Scrolls Mob Drops

Rank ; LvL ;  Map;Mobs

1  7         Campus(strt)
2  17       Campus(mid)
3  27       Campus(mid-end) DargenMan, Onslaught
4  37       Campus(end) DargenMan, Onslaught;
5  47       Holes Fiery Chef, Cement Fatty, Drunkard, Uncle Potato
6  57       Holes Hell Scissors, Car Engineer, Chicken, Stray Dog Cordy;
               Construction Fatty
7  67       MPHole Hell Scissors
               SGHole Freezing Halogen, SGD, Clown, Werewolf, Bomber Clown, Jackson;
8  77       TH: Skating Boy|Master, Cripple Boy|Guy;
                Leo: Unknown Corpse, Tomb Raider, Mummy
9  87        Leo 1F: All mobs; Leo 2F: Demented Nurse, Boney; T4Passage
10 97       Leo: Poison Ivy; Leo 1F: Janitor, Mad Teacher;
                Leo B1; Freezing Clown, Loose Halogen
11 107     Leo B1: Ali; TH|CP: Hunk Baldie, Golf Player, Golf Bomber,
                Fiery Aunty, Wrestle Master
12 117     Wharf; Leo B2; Leo B3: All mobs (except White Lady/DAM);
                Prison; MH; T3Passage; S2
13 127     B3 White Lady; RH Nightmare Clown, Bakulaw
14 147    (RH)Haring Braso, Pretty Veyah; PTZ; S3; HB
15 157    (RH)Haring Braso, Pretty Veyah; PTZ; S3; HB
15 160    Cube Map
16 167    HB 50f/50f: red/black rose; S3
17 167    RH(end) Haring Braso, Pretty Veyah; PTZ; S3; HB  
20 175    (Quest)
21 197    HeadB(HB)
22 207    HeadB(HB)


  1. sir san po na drop 147 pang gunner ?

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  4. potang ina anong Hole yung sinasabi mo dyan.. dami daming hole... nag popost ka ng guide sablay.. tang ina ka

    1. bobo mo, edi sa mga hole! SG/MP/PHX nakikibasa ka na nga lang dahil bobo ka at di mo alam saan mag huhunt ng scroll, tangena neto! papansin.